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2016 Small Business Legal Resolutions

Jan 5 2016

As an entrepreneur, it’s always important to start the year with clear goals, an action plan and a moment to reflect on what you’ve learned in the past year. With all that’s on your plate, the legal side of things is often pushed to the side. This short checklist will help you quickly review some critical legal compliance issues, so you can get back to focussing on your success in 2016!

Shane Murphy

Going Global with LegalX!

Shane Murphy, Nov 12 2015

LegalX is less than six months old, but its reputation as a hub of legal innovation has already created a global buzz.

How to Incorporate in Alberta: The Definitive Guide

Nov 9 2015

This guide provides a short summary of the steps required to incorporate a business under Alberta Law as well as items to consider to determine whether it is the right time for your business to incorporate.

How to Incorporate in Ontario and Canada: The Definitive Guide

Sep 28 2015

This is meant to be a practical guide providing you a short, succinct summary of the steps required to incorporate a business under Ontario Law or the federal law of Canada.

Shane Murphy

Employees and Contractors in the Online Era

From Uber to Zirtual, startups are weighing the risks of hiring employees or contractors

Shane Murphy, Sep 8 2015

The cost of launching a tech startup has shrunk in recent years, but the same can’t be said for the cost of staffing a startup. Learn more about the distinction between an employee and a contractor and the effect it could have on your startup.

5 Reasons to Get Your Lease Reviewed by a Lawyer (Before Signing It)

Aug 31 2015

A lease is easily the biggest financial commitment a small business will make in its first years of operation. Learn why it's important to have a Lawyer review your lease before you sign it.

Updates to Law Scout

Live Chatting, New Products, Updated Interface & Fresh Features

Aug 25 2015

We’ve been up and running for two months and have been busy fine-tuning the Law Scout experience while serving our awesome early adopters. Yesterday, we rolled out a bunch of updates and improvements to the site.

NUANS: What’s in a (Registered Business) Name?

The Crucial Difference Between Registering and Protecting a Business Name

Aug 23 2015

Choosing a business name is something that founders agonize and obsess over. Unfortunately, the same care and attention is not always spent on protecting that name once it has been chosen.

12 Items to Include on All Your Small Business Invoices

Aug 17 2015

Invoices always seem like the last thing you need to worry about as a small business owner. You’ve already done the work, so now simply send out the invoice. But it’s not that easy.

Derek Hopfner

4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Shareholders Agreement

Derek Hopfner, Aug 12 2015

Your business is finally moving. You and your partners incorporated your company, the website is live and your first customers are rolling in. Read why a Shareholders Agreement should be your next step.