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Derek Hopfner

Legal Services Ready for Take Off

Why working with your lawyer is now as easy as booking a flight online

Derek Hopfner, Aug 3 2015

Since we launched Law Scout on June 22, 2015, we’ve been thrilled by the positive reactions from users, lawyers, and supporters. However…

Derek Hopfner

The Story of Law Scout

How three friends decided to tackle innovation in the legal industry

Derek Hopfner, Aug 3 2015

It started when Travis, a friend of mine since high school, was exiting his startup, Ghostbird Software as it was being acquired by Yahoo!…

Four Tips to Manage Your Legal Budget

Improving communication with your lawyer to reduce legal fees

Aug 3 2015

Like going to a doctor, every new business knows it’s best to see a lawyer before problems arise. But hiring a lawyer can represent a daunting monetary decision.

Shane Murphy

Legal Careers in the New Law Era

Why it’s never been easier (or more exciting) to divert from the partnership track

Shane Murphy, Aug 2 2015

As organizations, law firms have established a unique way of wasting the talent they have invested years developing...