Law Scout has Launched in British Columbia!

Law Scout has Launched in British Columbia!

Jun 2 2016

British Columbia is the home to a lot of things: beaches and mountains, skiing and sailing, vineyards and craft breweries. It has a limitless natural ecosystem, not to mention one of North America’s most vibrant startup ecosystems. There’s no shortage of reasons people and businesses from all over the world have made BC their home.

So we're thrilled to announce that British Columbia has drawn us in too! As of today, Law Scout is officially open for business in BC. Since launching last year, we've helped small businesses and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes - tech startups, restaurants, consultants, bakeries, and more – connect with great lawyers and get high-quality legal work done online.

With our lawyer network in Ontario, Alberta, and now British Columbia, Law Scout has become the destination for small businesses and startups to get incorporated, trademarked, and have contracts prepared online at straightforward, fixed prices.

When building a company, entrepreneurs need to focus on growing their business, not getting caught up with legal work and expensive, surprise bills. With Law Scout’s transparent pricing and online services, British Columbia entrepreneurs now have a better way to get legal work done.

To start a legal project on Law Scout, simply click here to get started.

If you have questions along the way or are considering hiring a lawyer but don’t know where to start, send us an email at [email protected] and we'd be happy to help you.